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"Thank you so so much for this morning! I had the perfect morning. I wanted to come straight back to your class as soon as I left. My body is thanking me for the class so much, I feel a foot taller and my shoulders feel like they haven’t felt since I was a so incredible, after 1 session! What a beautiful setting and what wonderful people you have in your sessions. I can’t wait to come to class next week." (Alex)

"Thank you Katy for helping both me and my husband so much during lockdown with your virtual personalised pilates classes.  Both of us have found working from home bad for our backs and necks and your classes have really helped us get our bodies working better.  I am so glad I persuaded my husband to finally start zoom classes. He was adamant initially that it wouldn’t be as good as being in your studio. However since he joined us, he is feeling so much better.  We always feel more mobile and re-energised. We just wanted to say thank you. Your expertise, personal attention and simultaneously upbeat and calm manner means that your virtual Pilates class is a highlight of our week." (Claire)


"Thank you again for today.  It is so true what your other clients on zoom were saying - you really have been amazing through lockdown, out of lockdown and back in once again.  It has been wonderful and invaluable to be able to do your classes, strengthening the all important parts which would otherwise get neglected and potentially cause injury.  It does also keep the spirits up to see your cheery face and those of the other mums and it has been and continues to be a brilliant support for both my husband and I.  Definitely worthy of a Joe Wicks MBE in my book!" (Annabel)


"Meant to tell you that since this morning’s session my energy level has increased significantly. Have not felt so refreshed in months. Thank you." (Freddy)

"Thanks for tonight really enjoyed it, matwork totally different but very progressive altogether, liked it a lot. Good fun with the lads too." (Duncan) 

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